what’s on his mind

What's On His Mind

A little project that lurked in my drawer for over 7 months (klick the picture for full resolution). On the one hand, I wanted it to look more ‘paper-ish’. Then again … I just wanted that darn thing finished. What I DID manage to do is to make some production shots which you can find in this gallery:

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Blog Header Revised … Plus Some Scribbling

The 4th iteration. I’m finally beginning to feel comfortable with how my blog header ‘tastes’. Because that might not be worth a separate blog entry … and I commanded myself to write more … AND the following piece of literature might also not be worth a separate post … here we go:

Adoration - Icing
I adore them. I simply do, wether they’re dominant or submissive.

Women who are so aware of their own body, so full of lust, that they
not only offer their flesh but also their very soul.

I love to see them torture, abuse, fuck.
I love to see them tortured, abused, fucked.

Does that make me a psychopath?

I thought I knew what’ll happen if I would ever be unleashed on such a woman.
By now, I’m not so sure.

On the other hand … maybe all those women
just reflect my fractured self, my wish to be abused.

My wish to abuse.


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Art Wall 02

Bild 1 - Takaashigani

Bild 2 - Partner

Bild 3 - Dope

Bild 4 - Gothic Totoro

Bild 5 - Bride

Second part of my internet favorites. Once again, those pictures are clickable for full resolution (you will find information about the pictures’ and the artists’ names, too). All artwork is 100% © by their respective creators!


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Wahrheit und Pflicht


    Du sprichst von Selbstaufgabe

    von Schmerz

    vom Fallenlassen und Schweben


    Ich betrachte dein Fleisch

    dein Wesen

    deine Seele, im Kern


    Und erkenne, dass Wahrheit

    und Lüge

    zu einer Einheit verschmelzen


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Yeah … that’s a gallery folks. So klick those posters. Did some quick studies for the movie ‘Lolita’. It all started as a brain fart I had during another boring marvelous meeting at our company. I like the first one the most. Here’s the scribble:



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Beastmilk Poetry


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doll, revised


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