one year of blogging … english version

Personal plea: I would be VERY happy if english speakers help me to improve my writing skills. I’m having all kinds of problems when it comes to using correct terms, syntax and tense. I’m looking at you, you busy rikochanpornstar.

Over a year ago I satisfied my growing desire to publish all of my thoughts, opinions, insights, ideas, preferences or – to sum it up – my creative outpourings. On the one hand, I was driven by my inherent (but – until then – mostly latent) exhibitionism, on the other I had the wish to can all those random oddments of thought as well as my graphic doodles-turned-into-compositions.

Know Your Gods - Texttrenner 1

The best thing about blogging? Without further reflection, you can shitstorm the internet with your thoughts no matter how weak-minded they are. And then discuss those with all sorts of people you more or less (mostly ‚less‘) know. Or fail to do so because a) no one cares or b) no one notices.

Know Your Gods - Texttrenner 2

At first glance, a) is hard to change if you don’t have any online reputation. But you can work on b), thus minimizing factor a) through generating a larger crowd of people (the quantity of lateral thinkers and weirdos should increase inevitably).

Know Your Gods - Texttrenner 3

During my first year, 10 people decided to follow my blog. If you bear in mind that my publication frequency has great similarity to post mortem human pulsation, I’d call that a success. Even more, that’s highly encouraging: Another 1.000 years and I have as much followers as Lady Gaga receives Facebook Likes when she describes her morning excrement.

Know Your Gods - Texttrenner 4

Know Your Gods. Overall creed and philosophy of life. So, off into year 02!

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