what I fapped to …

Bikini Dare - Teaser

Part I – Bikini Dare

I always thought it would be kind of funny to list all of that striking, jaw-dropping, makes-me-drool-on-my-keyboard porn that I stumbled across while surfing the web.

I’m not sure if and how I will continue this ’series‘, but it all starts today with Bikini Dare, a site dedicated to microkinis and the beautiful women wearing them in public.

I couldn’t resist tweaking the picture just a tiny little bit. Twisted minds give birth to twisted fantasies (Click that picture! Click it!) …

Go visit Bikini Dare over here: www.bikini-dare.com – I have to admit that I don’t like the models they present today as much as I adored the ladies they had 9 years ago … Severe case of getting old I guess.

The pictures I used and the name ‚Bikini Dare‘ are 100% © Bikini Dare.

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