a blog … in scribbles

I scribble all day long, no matter if I’m in a meeting, eating or sitting in front of my computer. Still … good scribbling takes practice and lots of time. Thus, I’m still not good at it … At least this would appear to explain why I’m still working in an IT company rather than living as an illustrator. ;)

During all that time I’m working on this blog,  truckloads of scribbles where produced. As the year comes to an end, I thought it would be cool to collect some of them and build a gallery. Et voilà!

Those scribbles are clickable. Have fun reading my more or less useless footnotes!


7 Gedanken zu „a blog … in scribbles

  1. Die Dominatrix ist der Hammer. Genauso wie der Schwanzmann… Da möchte man glatt psychoanalysieren. Aber mein absoluter Favorit ist der trotzig-traurige Bär auf der Schaukel. :)

    Gefällt mir

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